Trendy Garnishes..

Whether you're fashion savvy or aspire to be fashion savvy... who has mula to spend on a seasonal closet makeovers?

Here are a few things to try out this spring and summer season that won't break the bank but will leave you looking like a fashionista. So what are you waiting for... go give 'em a whirl!

Scalloped Shorts! Fringe denim shorts are SO last year. Try turning an old pair of denim shorts into a cute sassy pair of scallop shorts.

Outrageously Adorable Hats. Who isn't inspired to add hats to their wardrobe after that royal wedding? But maybe going that outrageous isn't your cup of tea, so lets improvise with a cute fedora. Luckily for you they come in a wide variety of styles and colors!
Spicy Jewelry. Dare to be creative, and different, with your everyday accessories. Don't spend big bucks on your jewelry. Create a one of a kind piece such as this unique one below...

Some other must-haves for every chic girl this season...

* Sheer Maxi Dresses
* Lace Clothing
* Wide Leg Pants
* Tail Hems: Dresses longer in the back
* Stripes
* Jumpsuits
* Cat Eye Sunglasses
* Belt Purses
* Kitten Heels

What will be your "must have" piece this season?


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