A Birthdays Not Complete Without A Hiccup.. Or Two

Hi all!

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a crazy and fabulous day, to say the least.

My day started out bright and early, and things were luckily going smoothly at work. The weather was perfect at a sunny 75 degrees without a dark cloud in the sky. My sister has also been in town and I have been enjoying visiting and spending some quality sister time with her.

Birthday Bliss Pt 1

I decided to get caught up on work before taking my lunch break and finally reached the point, like I often do, where I force myself to stop, breath AND eat! I grabbed my lunch, got situated and had began eating my food when I got the phone call.

My sister had surprised me by taking my pups to get their nails trimmed and was on her way to see me, when it happened.

I answer the phone to hear my sister quickly babbling that she is lost downtown, people are yelling at her from the streets telling her that her tire is flat, and the pups are wildly hopping around in the back seat. I, able to picture this scenario so clearly, try hard to muffle my hard-to-breathe laughter. Needless to say, I put down my fork, make sure she is safe, dial AAA, and dart out the door to go find her. My peaceful and blissful birthday had suddenly come to a screeching halt.

We wait for about an hour and AAA finally comes to put on her spare, jump start her car battery (don't ask), and give us the grim diagnose that her wheel (with only 1,200 miles on it) had was finished. We part ways and I head back to work while she heads home to wait for my boyfriend and await their trip to the auto shop. I am happy to report that by dinnertime, my out-of-town sister was fine and her car was in much better shape. Thank goodness.

Birthday Bliss Pt 2

What would a birthday be without a few unexpected events? Oh yeah, peaceful and relaxing. :) After work I made my way home and was greeted at the front door by my boy, who anxiously led me out to our garage. There I was greeted by the 1950s bicycle, I had wanted, a bouquet of fresh flowers and a picnic basket complete with wine and a few of my favorite treats. The final touch, him presenting me with a single rose and asking me "Sarah, will you accept this rose." I happily obliged.

We packed up our picnic dinner, adjusted the seat on my new bike, grabbed a blanket and were off to the park. The weather was still gorgeous and people at the park could be seen walking dogs, pushing strollers, fishing in the lake and even practicing a play. We enjoyed people watching, taking in the scenery, and munching on fresh shrimp, chocolate covered strawberries and chilled wine.

After the picnic we continued to take my new wheels for a spin around the neighborhood. I avoided any and all curbs, holes or other miscellaneous "tire damaging" hazards. My boyfriend quickly noticed this and commented on my extreme cautious actions. My reply, "one bad tire was enough for this birthday gal!" And this is where I jinxed myself... darn it.

My tire did not pop, deflate, or fall off, however I can't say the same about my left pedal. My boyfriend asked if he could take my new bike for a spin, but when he didn't return I went to find him and see what was up. What did I find? My poor bike, pedalless. I hopped on and attempted to ride but each ride ended with the pedal falling off and rolling down the street. Bummer.

The night came to an end as the sun began to set and we started our journey home. Me wrapped in a blanket with a basket and the boy pushing the two bicycles down the open street. Unfortunately, my birthday ride was short lived.

Although my birthday wasn't as quiet and peaceful as I had dreamt it would be, it was one that I won't forget anytime soon. I am also happy to sat that the new ride has received the appropriate care and maintenance and will be back on the road again.

Happy birthday to me!



Janie said...

Belated Birthday Greetings to you Sarah!
I saw you visit my site earlier :) Followed you back!
Louve your header by the way! Reminds me of my scrapbooking days :)

DaisyJo said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. <3

I Loooooooove your bike it's a lot like the cruiser I have on MY wish list!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, hope you had a great day x

Sarah said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! I've enjoyed reading and checking out each of your blogs as well. :)

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

Happy belated birthday! Thanks for stopping by my blog, glad you enjoyed my book review. I have a few more coming up this summer. Love the new blog!

Sarah said...

Thank you, Pati!! I look forward to future book reviews.

Trish @ A dream house for Trish said...

Happy Birthday Sarah...The most memorable ones are those with a story to tell, so I guess this will go down as a good one, LOL!!!
Thanks for dropping by my blog & leading me back here!

DearSarah said...

You are right, Trish! Thanks for visiting and I look forward to keeping up with your blog. :)