It's a Doggy Dog World..

We love our furry companions and are proud to call ourselves dog owners, however, at times, we have to admit that these creatures amaze or even confuse us.

Here are some common things associated with pups that often leave us well... scratching our noggins in confusion.

Going Green. Cats munch on grass to sooth a tummy ache, but why do we often find dogs nibbling on some greens? Dogs that eat grass regularly could suggest a dietary imbalance. Some dogs that enjoy grass also tend to enjoy green veggies, such as broccoli. Broccoli is safe to give your pooch, but cooking and cutting it up first may be a wise.

* Note If your four-legged friend likes to dine on grass, then pay extra attention to treated lawns that may contain chemicals from fertilizers or bug treatments.

Sweet Tooth. Like humans, dogs have a tendency to exercise their sweet tooth by diving into some tasty chocolates. It usually takes a large amount of chocolate to really harm a pooch, however the amount does vary depending on the size of the animal. If chocolate consumption is small, you can give your pet a small capful of rubbing alcohol to make them get sick. If you begin to notice diarrhea as a result, be sure to give your dog lots of fluids to prevent dehydration. Depending on the amount of consumption, seek a vets guidance if appropriate.

Doggy Manicure. Every dog needs a nail trim every so often, but how often are you suppose to get your pet’s nails done? About once a month is average, however if your dog goes on frequent walks or is outside on concrete, then that will wear their nails down and they won’t have to be trimmed as often.

Watch out! In addition to hazardous fertilizers and lawn treatments, be cautious of wild mushrooms growing in your yard or frequent areas that you may visit (i.e. park). Wild mushrooms instantly shut down your dog and recovery is slim to none.

Ah Chew. Yup, many dogs have allergies just like their owners. Allergies from dust, pollen, and so on are common for dogs and the different severities of allergies is similar as well. Seek vet advice if severe or appropriate.

Ah My nose! The dreaded skunk run in is an occasion that many dog owners unfortunately experience at least once. Remedies such as tomato or vinegar and baking soda baths are a few fixes. Prevent using doggy shampoo because it simply spreads the stinky oils. Also, prevent your dog from getting on furniture or rolling on rugs because the result will be needing special treatment to eliminate the stench!

Good luck proud Pup owners!



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