Got Balance?

Most of us are believers that as long as you and your family has their health, then what else do you truly need in life?

The talk of health, weight and everything in between, is constantly making headlines but living healthy comes in a variety of forms and changes from person to person.

Time to do what works for you..

1. Hey! What about me? Stress can easily creep into our lives and can be hard to control. Figure out what works best for you in certain scenarios, and stick with a similar plan. Also, get in the habit of setting aside a few minutes to relax your mind and just make time for yourself. It's hard to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of crazy life and constantly doing what others may ask or expect from you. However, remember to keep a balance. Something as simple as forcing yourself to leave the office and go on a 10-15 minutes stroll or scheduling a phone date with a girlfriend, can have a positive result.

2. Plan Ahead. Come up with a diet, or food plan, that works for you. Something that you are satisfied and pleased with is less likely to end up failing. Also, you see all too often people going on diet together, however if one messes up or just plain stops, the other is likely to follow. Take some time to make a pros and cons list to really map out small, and big, goals that you feel are achievable. This may help you prevent accidental setting yourself up for future failure.

3. Say "Cheese!" Don't be afraid to hang pictures of an outfit you will award yourself with once you achieve your goal. Also, writing yourself positive, reinforcing letters on good days can help you get through the bad or rough ones.

4. Inside or Out? Find physical activity that you enjoy, works best, and you can picture yourself sticking with and doing maybe three, four, five weeks from now. Don't feel like you have to be cooped up in a sweaty gym. Swimming exercises, playing tennis, bike rides, kickboxing, pushing a stroller, etc, etc. are just a few great, fun ways to stay active. Maybe pick a couple you enjoy and try alternating and keeping things fun!

5. Don't Fall Over! The most important thing is balancing these things in a way that works best for you and your lifestyle. It's the littlest adjustments that can have the most overall impact. Avoid long hours at work, situations that are usually stressful, and make time for relaxation, fun and lots of laughter..a constant priority!

Good luck out there!



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