Finger Food Delight

In need of a last minute snack idea for a spring or summer party? Have picky eaters on your hands? Well, you are not alone.

Well have no fear.. because finger food delight is here! :)

1. It's hard to go wrong with grilled cheese and tomato soup, but try giving this classic meal a little zest! Next time you are hosting a party and need a one-of-a-kind item to serve, try handing out tomato soup in cute glasses with a wedge of grilled cheese (place wedge on the glass similar to a lemon with water). Delicious.

2. Want to serve a veggie plate with a nice variety of dips? Start by buying some small terr-cotta pots and place each cup of dip inside a pot. Grab some carrot sticks and cut a slit on the top of each. Place curly parsley in the slit and stick carrots in the dips. Place the dip in the center of a plate and surround it with the remainder of your veggies for a perfect presentation.

3. Most spring and summer parties involve flowers as some sort of decor. Why not stand out and feature your flowers in a unique, tasty way? Try this cupcake treat. Buy colorful icing, dum drops and marshmallows for this pretty cupcake decoration.

4. Reindeers aren't just for Christmas anymore. Satisfy your youngsters by cutting a pb & j sandwich into triangles. Then break up some pretzels to use for antlers. Lastly grab raisins, marshmallows and m&ms for the nose and eyes. Your fun and tasty treat is complete, enjoy! *Notes. Try toasting the bread for a yummy warm pb & j.

Enjoy your tasty treats!



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