Keep It Real, Love Birds..

Lets face it... life isn't always rainbow and butterflies (frown) and sometimes the going gets tough.. because...well.. it's a tough world out there. With gas prices quickly rising, crazy changes in climate and people still endlessly searching for work... how do you "tough proof" yourself, let alone, your relationship?

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when the going gets tough:

1. I've Got You, Babe. Never stop viewing you and your partner as a team or one another as teammates. The comfort from knowing you and your partner will always have one another's back, really does make facing a tough world seem a little less scary.

2. Small Gestures. Money really doesn't buy love and it is the small things that keep many couples afloat. Small, inexpensive gestures are refreshing and just as, if not more, important, than big gestures. Sneaking notes into a brief case or lunchbox, buying your lover his or hers' favorite candy bar, picking flowers, writing a few kind words down on paper, recalling small details of a conversation and repeating them, are just a few small things that can really mean a lot.

3. Everyone Needs A Tune Up. Thinking a relationship like it will just take care of itself, is bad news. Just like a car needs constant TLC or a career needs time and energy invested, a relationship is no different. To stay on track you must remember that it will never just take care of itself.

4. Find a Common Interest. Some couples meet and instantly discover a common interest or hobby. Other couples have an undeniable connection, but may be opposites in just about every way. If the second description sounds like you, you are not alone. Many couples have to discover a common interest or hobby to do together so they can have that special connection. Start by joining a volunteer group together or join a social group around town.

5. Act Like a Bra. Do support one another and involve yourself in your partner's interests and hobbies. Ask about his or hers' work day and actually take a moment to listen and engage. If your partner is excited about an accomplishment or nervous for an upcoming event, try your best to understand and share in the emotions. Showing interest in your partner's little triumphs or hiccups can have a big impact.

6. Never Lose Sight. Remember that it's not about where you are or what you are doing, but who you're with, that really counts. Home is where he or she is. Just some food for thought.

Keep it real, love birds. Chirp. Chirp.


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