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Looking for new ways to save money? Well you are not alone! DearSarah loves to feature easy pointers and useful tips that help you keep more mula in your pocket. Less cash spent on gas and food, means more cash for travel and entertainment! What could be better? Here are a few tips, and websites, that will help you begin saving - TODAY!

1. When buying meat at the grocery, ask your butcher when they typically mark down their meats. Purchase meats before a mark down to save. For example, if they typically announce mark downs on Sunday morning, then visit your local butcher Saturday night to get the most bang for your buck. I have heard of a lady following this advice and actually buying fresh, good steaks before a mark down and only paid 3 cents a steak!

2. When stocking up on drugs, know the seasons at your drugstore, because drugstores typically markdown medicine when seasons change. For example, when winter comes to an end, your drugstore will typically mark down medicines that tend to be more popular during the winter months.

3. Check out: Couponcodestube.com. This site provides special codes which will give you a discount and money off the listed retail price of many goods, at a variety of top online USA's retailers. Check it out and remember this site to help save in the present AND future!

4. For deals on electronics, check out and remember the website Crutchfield.com This site includes free lifetime support, warranties, and free shipment. Also check out Ebates.com. Use these websites when electronic shopping and make paying full price for electronics a thing of the past.

5. Browse this site that features discount codes for numerous retail products, Retailmenot.com. Click and begin saving today!

6. Download this app to save money every time you shop, Scanlife. Get in the habit of pulling out this money saving phone app and simply scan a barcode on any grocery product to see which store carries the item for the best deal.

7. Does your local grocery carry gift cards? If so, stop in the next time you are heading out to eat, on your way shopping or planning a home or yard renovation. Purchasing a gift card is a great two-for-one-deal, because grabbing a gift card prior to an event or outing, will actually help you save money. A gift card can quickly help you rack up fuel points and save on gas! Pretty awesome, and yet so easy, right?

Stay tuned for more easy ways to save your hard earned cash. Share these tips with family & friends and tell them to check out DearSarah for future pointers on how to save big bucks everyday. Information like this is always worth spreading around!

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