A Refreshing Concoction

Beat the summer heat with one of these cool, tasty cocktails.Because after you grill it's time to chill!

1. It's hard to go wrong with the classic margarita. Whether frozen or on the rocks with salt, this beverage is sure to quench your thirst. Avoid the "margarita mixes" this summer and go for the real thing. * 3 parts tequila * 1 part triple sec * 2 parts lime juice

2. Many of us enjoy growing an herb garden during the hot summer months and what better way to enjoy your fresh mint than in a chilled beverage? Got to love a chill mojito.
* Several mint leaves * 2 tsp sugar * 3 tbsp fresh lime juice * 1 1/2 oz light run *club soda

3. For the smoothie lover in us, grab the blender and whip up a frozen strawberry daiquiris.Treat yourself to a fresh daiquiri this summer season by choosing freshly picked strawberries.
* 3 ounces light rum * 1 ounce lime juice * 2 tsp powdered sugar * 2-3 ounces fresh strawberries * 1 cup of ice

4. Looking for a beverage with a more powerful punch? Then a tequila sunrise should do the trick! * 1-2 shots tequila *4-6 ounces of orange juice * 1/2 shot grenadine * pour over ice and stir

5. The sound of fizz and clinking ice is a sweet summer sound. Maybe the most popular, and elegant, drink of the summer has got to be the gin and tonic. * 1-3 ounces gin * lime wedge * squeeze lime wedge into glass * tonic water * ice cubes

Now it's time to soak up some rays, dive into a good book, and indulge in one of these classic summer drinks - Enjoy!

I need a drink.


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