Quit working like a dog..and give yourself a treat already!


You work to live.. but don't live to work.

I am a fast paced individual who loves her career and can be found on the go and doing ten things at once. I am a professional multi-tasker.

My career fits my passions and goals and is a reflection of me. Profession aside, shouldn't giving back be the same?

Everyone's out there trying to make a name for him or herself and spending endless hours on social networks. What if we took a break from our computers and phones and treated our charity work as a networking tool. If you think about it, it really can be the most rewarding, and influential, networking tool.

When you associate your work, your company, or your name with a good cause... you can't help but make people smile or feel good when thinking of your products, services or YOU.

Give the social networks a rest already and invest some quality time into charities, causes, and individuals, who you'd like to help. Look around you. A lot of company's, and individuals, are involved in giving back in someway. Are you? Do you invest as much time into volunteering as you do your social media browsing?

The benefits are endless and people feel good when they do good. When you do charity work you network and make good connections. People are always looking for, or thinking of ways to give back and make a difference. Let people know that if they choose you, or your company, they will be contributing to a good cause. Sets you apart from others in the industry... in a positive way.

Try this new outlook on charity and community work. This social tool will always be around and lets face it, we will always need it.


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