Need a Quick Fix?

Time is scarce and money is tight. However life doesn't come with a pause button. Bummer.

Here are some items you probably already own and will be a quick fix. Warning. Might even leave you thinking "why didn't I think of that?"

1. Toothpaste. Everyone has it and hopefully everyone uses it (although I sometimes wonder). Simply applying a little toothpaste on a pesky blemish before bed, an itchy bug bite, or burn can work wonders. Try it and see for yourself.

2. Ketchup. Looking for a way to quickly spruce up dull facets and other brass items. Try ketchup. Ketchup will brighten it up in no time.

3. Stains. Lets face it, we all have them and we all hate them. They ruin a new shirt or rug quicker than you can say "stupid motha %$# stain!" Try reaching for some lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide next time your faced with a stain blunder.

4. Whiter Teeth. Say "cheese." A smile is one of the first things we notice about another person, but who has time, or cash, to keep their teeth white? Grab some baking soda and hydrogene perioxide and mix the two in a small bowl, apply, and show off those pearly whites.

5. Dryer Sheets. Got staticy hair? As you run out the door grab a dryer sheet to run over your hair. Not only will it eliminate the static but will leave you smelling fresh too.

6. Vinegar. Mix vinegar and honey to clear a sore throat. Vinegar is a quick fix that kills bacteria and works for coughs too.

7. Clear Nail Polish. Got a hole in your sweater or a tear in your panty hose? Apply a little bit of clear nail polish to prevent them from getting bigger. Clear nail polish can also be used to seal an envelope!

8. Paint. Need a quick solution for furniture or wall touchups? Save your money and buy a $2 nail polish instead. Works great for touchups and comes in a variety of colors, so forget spending money on a small can of paint, and grab some nail polish!

9. Rubber Bands. We've all been there. Place a few rubberbands around a hard-to-open jar and it will give you a better grip. Headache free solution worth remembering.

10. Frig Odor. Try instant coffee or cat liter to eliminate less than appealing scents in the frig and start breathing easy already.

Hope you learned something new that won't cost you money, prevent you a headache or just make your life plain simplier. Enjoy.



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