Here's looking at you..

It's not often you get more than you wanted, but when it happens, it's brilliant.

DearSarah is a bright, fresh advice column that talks about what you want to read about. Expect nothing more... expect nothing less. Expect constant fun updates on our bright refreshing site.

Our Audience..

YOU. We dare our reader's to suggest topics that you want to learn about, discuss, or get out in the open. Why not? We love to pick your brain and learn of your awesome insight and valuable knowledge. So don't be afraid to share your insight and knowledge! We want to connect people from all walks of life and engage them in everyday conversations to help make your life brighter and easier. So start talking!

Are you tired of sites briefly mentioning a topic that only appeals to a specific social media group? Are you done reading the same topics and stories over and over? So are we.

The Solution.. you're looking at it.

Welcome to DearSarah. Glad to have you.



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