Hug it Out..

Love advice is constantly being thrown at us from every direction and sometimes it's enough to even make your head hurt. So how do you sort through all of that advice and better yet, what do you choose to believe?

Here are a couple musts for a happy, prosperous, long lasting love. Don't take it from us... try 'em.

1. Love has the power to heal. Trust in your partner and his or her kind words, to feel better. Love throws you curve balls, but a few loving words from you partner can really brighten up any bad day.

2. Stop the Pressure. Remind yourself that you both are new at this and it truly is a learning and growing experience. Growing together prevents growing apart.

3. A relationship doesn't take care of itself. Much like a career or friendship, you have to work at it little by little. It's an ongoing process.

4. Pay attention to the small stuff. Sometimes it's the stuff not being said that means the most.

5. Take care of conflict otherwise it will take care of you. Sometimes you have to take a breather or spend sometime apart, but when the time is right, be sure to talk out a conflict otherwise it will linger and most likely resurface.

6. Never stop dating. Dress up, go out and do things you did back when you two first were starting out and wanted to make a good impression. Sometimes thinking back on important things you did early on can rekindle a dimming flame.

7. Remember no two relationships are alike. You can't compare yourselves to others or what they do, or don't do. You can only learn from people's mistakes. Every relationship looks great on the surface, but keep in mind that you typically only get a glimpse into what a couple's relationship is all about. No one knows what goes on behind close doors.

8. Act on Similarities. Act on a couple interests or passions that you both share. Whether it's going on walks, going to church, working out or volunteering. This similarity is something happy and positive to do together.

Love is the greatest and most rewarding gift however anything worth having doesn't come easy. View your partnership, and partner, as your teammate and always put what's best for you and your partner's happiness... first.


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