More Decorating Delight..

We just can't get enough of this stuff.

You've got style, you've got flair, but does your home match the fabulous you?

Welp, no better time than the present... so enjoy these home decor tips..

1. Unexpected color. Bookcases are great for a number of reasons. Take your old bookcase, or buy an inexpensive one, and add color to the inside of it. On the back panel add a splash of yellow or teal to brighten up any bookcase and add some unexpected color into your room. Don't be afraid to paint things such as..cabinets, door frames, floors, and so on. Happy painting!

2. Beer bottles. Head to a thrift store or when out purchasing beverages, buy an assortment of bottles. Line 4-5 different bottles on an island or table and place a different color flower in each. However, if colorful bottles strike your fancy, then switch it up. Buy different colors of sandy (from a craft store) to paint onto your bottles and place a simple white flower in each.

3. Pillows out the wazoo. Since when did pillows have to match one another? No two pillows on a couch, or bed, have to match. Instead aim for a variety of prints (polka dots, stripes, simple florals). Also, if you have simple, solid chairs then be sure to pair them with bright, interesting pillows. Pillows are a great way to improve any space.

4. Grab a Book. Goodbye bookshelves.. books are venturing out. Books can make any space interesting and serve as a great conversation starter too. Pile old books to make an end table or place a vase or lamp on top of books to make a table a bit more interesting.

5. Need a Plate? Different size frames scattered on a wall is so 2010. Instead use different size, and color, plates. Pick a simple wall in your kitchen and start collecting unique, colorful, fun plates. You'll be the coolest chic on the block!

Stay tuned for more decorating insight, tips + much, much more!



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