Coolest Chic on the Block

Dorms. Apartments. Condos. Houses. Lofts. Etc.

How do you make a space feel like you? Especially if only living in it temporarily or working with minimal space. Is there a solution or are we just suppose to suck it up and deal? Ugh.

Welp... Dread it no more!

Any space can, and should, reflect you, your taste, your dreams and your interests. Your living space should tell a story and each component in your living space should be a part of that story.

Here are some simple, and inexpensive tips that anyone can use or share...

1. Add splashes of color. Pick your favorite color, or maybe top three, and incorporate them into your space. Whether it be a simple pillow or a simple colorful frame, the color surrounding you should be color that warms you and will make you smile every time you enter the space.

2. Always choose photos. Photos of family, friends, pets, places you've visited, places you aspire to visit or just places you can daydream about. Add them. Add them in different size frames. Lean them, hang them, mix them. Don't be afraid to flip through magazines that you love and cut out pictures or images that caught your eye and interest. *Maps instead of photos can serve as cute, fresh decorative ideas too.

3. In the midst of settling in and decorating it's easy to fall into a decorating rut. If you look around and see only candles and pictures in your space, then it might be time to spice things up a bit. Always go for things that have special meaning to you or are items you fall in love with. When shopping, whether online or in person, keep in mind that the item you choose is something that you will have to look at everyday and be a reflection of you in some way. Begin with a nice mixture of photos, paintings, books, statues, candles, plants, and so on. Build off of these items and strive to have variety when decorating any space.

4. Don't be afraid to be crafty or creative. Sewing a pillow ISN'T scary and IS way cheaper. Making decorative hooks to hang, painting giant letters to set about, or gluing ribbon/lace onto a pot or lamp, gives your space some flare and can make it unique. Don't be afraid to visit a local craft store, or browse a craft store website, when decorating your space.

5. Be a wild child. We walk outside each day and pass by things that can easily spruce or brighten up a dreary space. Pick flowers, grab rocks, select pine cones (etc) and use them. Use them naturally or add paint/glitter to make them fab! *Write words or quotes that you love on rocks and set them around.

These are just a few inexpensive tips that can liven up any space and get your pad on track to feeling more homey and pulled together...

Good luck and remember... dare to be different.. and dare to take risks!


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