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Busy lifestyle, non stop craziness and everything in between. Does this describe a normal day for you? Is this the story of your life?

At Dear Sarah Blog it's all about taking charge of your hectic life and getting the tips, advice, and feedback that you need... not tomorrow.... but today... when it works for YOU and your fabulous lifestyle.

Dear Sarah Blog is a blog about engaging, helping and swapping useful info & tips to make life easier and help you through your awesomely insane day or work week. You don't need to change in order to get useful info... useful info needs to change to get you.


Today's HOT topic.... quick, easy, affordable trends for the hardworking YOU...

No one has the time to spend hours and hours shopping and traveling store to store, especially with rising gas prices (ouch)! And who has the paycheck to keep up with the seasonal trends?

Make trendy all about you and get it on your terms.

Shopping online is always a great option. When I have a last minute event, or party, or heck! decide today's the day to spice up the wardrobe.... I go online and browse while checking out American Idol or chuckling at Modern Family. Free shipping is a common feature these days and shopping online has become easier and more appealing. Shop on Monday, order by Tuesday, receive by the weekend... and you just got a hot new outfit for Saturday night out with the gals AND saved on time and gas. Yes!

Springtime clothes swap... all the rave! Squeezing in time for your girlfriends is sometimes easier said than done. Why not spend time with the chicks, enjoy great convo, dine on tasty treats AND go shopping. What could be better? Yeah.. we couldn't think of anything either.

With the changing of the seasons... cleaning, organizing and making room for those hottest trends in our smaller than we wish closet (bummer) is a must.

Gather your girlfriends together and encourage everyone to bring gently used clothes, coats, shoes, scarfs, purses, and jewelry to share and swap. Ask people to bring a dish or treat to share as well, if they'd like. It's a fun, fresh, way to interact with girlfriends, relax and shop. It also forces you to get that pesky spring cleaning done and over with!

Lastly... keep in mind that places you may least expect to have trendy apparel, may just surprise you. And who doesn't like a surprise every once in a while? When shopping look for the least amount of items that can make the most outfits. Three new outfits doesn't have to consist of three tops and three bottoms. Also, adding lace, jewels, and so on to old tops can give them a fresh look and who doesn't like to look fresh?

What the peep? Easter is just around the corner, and here’s a fashion trend to help you get in the holiday spirit! Spring nail trends are all about pastel colors you would find in your Sunday Easter basket. Essie is infamous for their pretty perfect pale shades, like Mint Candy Apple. Also try OPI’s What’s With the Cattitude? :)

What style tips, or trendy advice, help you? Anything worth sharing or something that you heard or read and has always stuck with you? If so, ooooo please do tell! Help me..help you..and people just like you..

A few hot trends this spring & summa... stripes, palazzo pants, flat forms, high waist pants, neutral color dresses, crop tops... check 'em out and keep it trendy!

Dear Sarah

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