Things that Strike my Fancy..

Here are some items and designs that serve as inspiration for a lot of my decorating ideas and dreams. Hopefully some of these may serve as positive inspiration for you as well. Enjoy.

Who says a stunning dining room table has to be long and rectangle? I love the character in this room and really like the mismatched furniture. I think the simplicity pulls all of the different items nicely together.

The ways to incorporate nature indoors are endless. I like this fun nature idea that can work for any dining room table.

I have always been a huge fan of white cabinets and green kitchens. I like the fun way that this picture includes both. The light lime interior of the cabinets serves as a hidden splash of color in this simple, well put together, kitchen.

I love, love, LOVE a couch where no two throw pillows are alike. This simple wall color, and white couch, goes great with the frame and fabric choices in this lovely room.

I enjoy this office space decor. The choice of light blue, white and black are an interesting, yet fabulous choice. A work space like this makes heading to work a little less dreadful.

I can't get enough of decorations and plants that are vibrant greens. I love flowers, however, I really enjoy a mixture and feel that they are not always needed. I like how this simple table really makes a statement in the room.

I like to choose a single room in my home and make it bright, cheerful and all around warm. I am a firm believer that rooms, such as your master bedroom and bathroom, should be tranquil and a living room or dining room can be bright.

This is a new favorite of mine. I think if you decide to decorate a wall in stripes you have to be careful to not over do it and aim for simplicity. I love this picture because the pretty teal mirror adds just the right splash of color.

Speaking of tranquil, how more intimate and relaxing can you get than a gorgeous chandelier over a soaking tub. I love this.

I enjoy the idea of painting thrifty chairs a fun color and covering them with a pretty fabric. This works on any kind of chair, whether for a kitchen, dining room or living room.

I hope everyone's manic Monday comes to a peaceful and relaxing end.



Syed Store said...

I love decoration, great post.
Thanks for checking blog,
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Thanks Sarah
Bushra Syed

Sarah said...

Thanks, Bushra! I look forward to checking it out. Have a wonderful Tuesday.


Jen said...

So pretty! I need ideas like this because I am so not creative when it comes to decorating. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Red Nomad OZ said...

Hi Sarah! I always admire people who are more creative than I am - that's most everyone, but especially you!

Thanx so much for dropping by and following my blog - come back anytime!!

lilabraga said...

..and my I say that you have impeccable taste in decorating?...fabulous post!

Sarah said...

Thank you, everyone. I enjoy the kind words and you taking a moment to ready my blog and hopefully follow. I enjoy each of your blogs as well and look forward to visiting them each regularly. :)

Have a terrific Thursday!


Suzzie V said...

That office space decor is amazing! I wish my little office looked like that. Thanks for following me, I can't wait to see what else you come up with too!

Monica Whitney said...

I love that striped wall!

Ask the Duplex

Sarah said...

Thanks Suzzie and Monica. I enjoy your blogs as well and wish you both a very happy weekend. :)


Kristin said...

I want white kitchen cabinets in a bad way!

DearSarah said...

Me too, Kristin! I love them. :)

caroline said...

love this post! (and your blog!) i love th eblack and white stripes- def in a stripe phase myself!