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Whether you design and decorate for a living, consider it a hobby, or aspire to be a decor diva, here are a few tips and ideas that the decor diva in all of us can appreciate.

1. Lets be honest, it can sometimes be challenging to decorate a small space. However, having loads of space and living decor savvy, do not have to go hand-in-hand. If your living room area is on the small side, then try purchasing an attractive couch without arms. The armless furnishing with give your room, and home, the open-air feeling it deserves.

2. Make book selves appear more appealing by hiding clutter with a decorative, bright curtain. If you are working with two book shelves, try separating them with a mirror to make your room look larger. Also keep in mind that hanging curtains from the ceiling can make your room's ceiling seem taller.

3. Looking for a spacious, trendy desk with plenty of storage? Here's a desk idea that I love. Take two filing cabinets (choose from white, gray, black, etc) and place an inexpensive sheet of melamine wood on top of them. Complete your beautiful new work space with a chic chair and a few accessories you love.

4. Have extra rope lying around and don't know what to do with it? Then give this cute and unique idea a whirl. Visit a local scrap yard and pick up 3-4 pieces of wood that are ideal for shelving. Drill a hole on the ends of each piece of wood. Run the rope through the 6-8 holes and bring the ends together near the ceiling. Tie the rope tightly and hang from a ceiling hook. Enjoy this adorable shelving great for any baby room!
* You can also use two separate pieces of rope to create a fun, edgier look. Tie the rope at both the ceiling and under the bottom shelf to create this look.

5. Speaking of baby rooms, on the hunt for a cute and inexpensive changing table? Browse your local flea markets or thrift stores for a beautiful antique dresser. Place a sanded, painted piece of wood on top of the antique dresser if needed. This beautiful piece will help you create a one-of-kind changing table.

6. Spice up dull bookshelves by adding bright paint, or wallpaper, to the inner wood panel. Leave the shelves and wood as is, but add a fresh coat of color (i.e. yellow or teal) to the inner back panel. This look is particularly great in a room with white walls.
*Also try freshen up a dull piece of furniture (i.e. chair) by painting the wood trim a bright color such as red or teal.

7. Pillows are the easiest way to jazz up, or change up, any room in your home. If looking for pillows for a bed or couch, keep in mind that no two pillows have to look alike. Placing six different pillows on a couch truly does look great. If trying to spruce up a dull, solid chair then keep in mind that print, stripe, or polka dot pillows are an easy solution.

8. Don't have a lot of room for comfortable seating but love to entertain? Buy a few pieces of square foam and color them with fun, vibrant prints. Set these fabric-covered cushions out to provide easy, comfortable AND pretty floor seating.

9. Ever find yourself adoring other people's art pieces or drooling over breathtaking artwork hanging in a gallery? Well you aren't alone. Here is any easy tip to turn a boring wall into the stunning heart of any room. Purchase cork board, or thick poster board, and cover with vibrant fabrics, of your choice, to create rich wall art.
*Another idea is to purchase inexpensive frames from your local dollar store to frame your fabric and lastly paint the picture frames whatever color you desire.

10. There are numerous, creative & inexpensive ways to add final touches to an area. One option is purchasing different size clay pots and painting each a fun, vibrant color. Place the colorful pots on shelves, cabinets or even on a porch or deck to add fresh splashes of color.

I love to decorate my interior and exterior spaces just as much as I enjoy sharing fun and creative ideas that leave people thinking "what a clever idea!" I hope these fun ideas and tips come in handy and please stay tuned for more fresh, summer tips to come!! :o)

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Sarah said...

I think the cheese grater jewelry tree is SO CLEVER. Great find!

- Sarah

Sarah said...

Thanks, Sarah!! I am glad you like it. I am always looking for new ways to easily display my jewelry so it looks more attractive and is easier to pick out and throw on. That's why I love this cheese grater. :)

Andrea @ Keepin it Thrifty said...

Love this post...I also love the cheese greater idea....def sharing this with my readers tomm

Xoxo Andrea

DearSarah said...

Thanks, Andrea! I'm glad you liked it and shared it with your readers. :)